About this site

Victoria is known officially as The City of Gardens and, unofficially, as home to the newlywed and nearly dead (among other things). To me, Victoria is simply home. I was born and raised here and, despite how expensive Victoria can be, don't plan on leaving any time soon.

For a long time, this site was known as Cheryl's Unofficial Guide to Victoria --

-- it was built in 1997, before blogs and reviews were everywhere you turned. It was built this site for people who wanted to get to know Victoria not just walk off the cruise ship, have tea at the Empress and do some quick shopping along Government Street. I was inspired by a similar site about San Francisco which served me very well way back in 1995 and again in 1996.

Knowing the site needed to evolve, I stripped it apart at the close of 2013 and prepared it for a new life as Views of Victoria, a title I had been using for the calendars featuring my photographs for several years.

With a new title, I could rebuild the site with a new focus: broader than a site for visitors but narrower than my personal blog. The subtitle, "Beyond Bohemians and Bureacrats in British Portlandia" was the result of some crowdsourcing. Bohemians and Bureaucrats was almost the name of this blog but in addition to being somewhat narrow and negative, it was missing the keyword Victoria. When a friend threw in British Portlandia, I knew I'd found the right mix for the subtitle -- cheeky, but accurate, especially if you're a local.

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